Often life on a financial highway is like a bumpy road. One has to be able to foresee what lies around the next corner without going the whole nine yards.

Kiodynos creates a synthesis of the latest financial theory and technology to provide practical solutions for our clients to the problems they face in their day-to-day operations. Our company creates tools of the trade for investment professionals to help decision making.

Our knowledge on the latest technologies and research enables us to develop customized applications for financial practitioners using latest theoretical models. Using this unique expertise on financial modeling and technology we provide our customers financial applications enabling them to analyze and manage the risk and return profile. In particular, we have extensive knowledge on exotic derivatives products, interest rate, credit risk and commodity derivatives modeling.

We offer a range of financial engineering services, including risk and investment advisory, model validation, analytics integration and development of pricing models for derivative instruments. We offer also a range of financial technology services, including development of custom software, integration and development of existing trading systems and software selection. As an independent company we can advise our clients in their choice of software packages and technologies. Moreover, we can assist with the subsequent implementation.