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Tradeflow Capital selects Electrum

Tradeflow Capital, the innovative Singapore-based digital commodity trade finance fund manager, selects Electrum as its risk management platform for the CEMP – NR Capital Trade Flow Fund SP .

Taaleritehdas selects Electrum

Electrum has been chosen by Taaleritehdas as the risk management and trading solution for commodity and other derivatives.

Chinese language version of Electrum available

Electrum is now available in Chinese through our Asian distribution partners in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Electrum connects to the Singapore Mercantile Exchange

Electrum is accepted by the SMX as a market access system to be used by its members. The Singapore Mercantile Exchange is the first pan-Asian multi-product commodity and currency derivatives exchange. Situated in Singapore, SMX offers a comprehensive platform for trading a diversified basket of commodities including futures and options contracts on precious metals, base metals, agriculture commodities, energy, currencies and commodity indices.

Pohjola Bank goes live with Electrum for trading and risk management of commodity derivatives

Pohjola Bank plc has implemented Electrum, the trading, processing and risk management solution for commodity derivatives and physical commodities. The Electrum solution will help Pohjola Bank in providing its customers with commodity derivatives solutions in order to hedge against commmodity risks. Bank’s product range will initially include electricity and oil products and later on industrial metals, pulp and emissions. Electrum is seamlessly integrated to bank’s internal accounting, client reporting and risk management systems. Pohjola Group provides banking, asset management and non-life insurance services. Pohjola is part of OP-Pohjola Group , the leading financial services group in Finland. OP-Pohjola Group is made up of independent member cooperative banks and the Group’s central institution, OP-Pohjola Group Central Cooperative, with its subsidiaries and closely related companies. With over four million customers, the Group provides comprehensive range of banking, investment, life assurance and non-life insurance services to households as well as to corporate and institutional customers.

Contango selects Electrum system

Electrum has been chosen by Contango Fund Management Company as the risk management and trading solution for Contango’s commodity funds. Electrum is used as fund’s commodity trading and risk management system.

Kiodynos featured in Kauppalehti

Kiodynos research and software solution Enterpricer on impairement testing of goodwill was featured in Kauppalehti. According to Partner of Kiodynos, Ph.D. Harri Toivonen companies should consider carefully the assumptions behind goodwill impairement testing. See the front page story on the Finnish Wall Street Journal, Kauppalehti.

Kiodynos releases Enterpricer, a tool for compliancy and strategic planning

Kiodynos releases Enterpricer, an IFRS compliant valuation tool that has been designed to improve consistency and efficiency of the compulsory processes, such as Fair Value Estimation and Impairment Testing. Enterpricer is based on Microsoft’s industry standard technology such as .Net, VB.Net and C##. Enterpricer utilizes Sql Server database and provides full estimation history for audit and reporting purposes. Enterpricer – Efficient.Concistent.Transparent.

Kiodynos featured in Risk Magazine

Kiodynos is featured in the Nordic Risk section of November 2005 issue of Risk. The featured article includes discussion on the development of Scandinavian financial markets and the risk management challenges for Nordic corporations, as well as regulatory issues. Risk Magazine is the world’s leading financial risk management magazine dedicated to the business of all aspects of financial risk management and the global derivatives markets. Risk Magazine was voted International Business and Professional Magazine of the year 2005.

Kiodynos featured in Energy Risk

Kiodynos is featured in the Special Report of September 2005 issue of Energy Risk. The featured article includes expert opinions on development of European energy markets and on challenges of corporate risk management. Energy Risk is a leading publication that delivers a dedicated view of financial, political and legal risk in the world’s oil, gas and electricity markets.

Kiodynos becomes member of Microsoft Partner Program

Kiodynos becomes member of the Microsoft Partner Program. The Microsoft Partner Program offers a single, integrated partnering framework that recognizes partner expertise, rewards the total impact that partners have in the technology marketplace, and delivers more value to help partners’ businesses be even more successful. As a Microsoft Partner Kiodynos receives a rich set of benefits including access, training, and support providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Ekman selects Electrum as a derivatives pulp and paper trading and risk management system

Ekman , one of the world’s leading trading houses working for the global forest industry, has selected Electrum for their derivatives pulp and paper trading and risk management system. The solution provides possibility to input, process and manage risks for both physical product and exchange-traded and OTC derivatives markets.

Nordea signs with Kiodynos for freight derivatives solution

Kiodynos provides Nordea a solution for freight derivatives valuation and risk management. The new product will be integrated into Nordea’s existing risk management environment. Solution incorporates new and innovative analytics to evaluate and model OTC derivatives and exchange traded contracts in freight derivatives markets.

Kiodynos research forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters

A research paper Pricing European Commodity of Kiodynos will be published in Applied Economics Letters. In the paper a general pricing framework for swaptions on storable commodities is presented by utilizing the forward based measure approach. A simple closed form solution for European swaptions based on the assumption of deterministic volatility of lognormal variables is derived. Using homogeneity of the pricing formulas, three alternative forms of the formula are also presented.

Commodities provide diversification benefits for investors

According to study by Kiodynos adding commodities into the investment portfolio helps investors achieve optimal combination of return and risk. This is due to the fact that commodity returns have very low or negative correlation with returns from either stocks or bonds, meaning commodities tend not to move together with these traditional asset classes. This is in turn is largely attributable to the fact that rising inflation tends to result in higher interest rates, because inflation erodes the value of investments that pay a fixed rate of return. Moreover, an economic environment of rising inflation and rising interest rates is typically not favorable for equities. The study was implemented using data for Eurostoxx 50 and S&P 500 equity indices, money market and government bonds and Goldman Sachs commodity index. Moreover, individual commodity markets were also studied. In order to achieve optimal return-risk combination for investment portfolio, 10-20 % should be allocated to commodities. See the story on the Finnish Wall Street Journal, Kauppalehti.

Sampo Bank signs with Kiodynos for research project

Sampo Bank signs a research project agreement with Kiodynos. The project provides valuable information on several topics of commodity markets and their derivatives.

Kiodynos Derivatives & Structured Products Seminar fully booked

Kiodynos client seminar in Tallinn, Estonia on May 27-28, 2004 is now fully booked. Due to demand a similar event is considered for fall 2004 again. .

European release of Electrum in Nice during Market Pulp Conference

Electrum, the commodity trading and risk management solution for corporations will be released for European markets during Market Pulp Conference. PPI’s Market Pulp Conference has become the leading meeting for the market pulp business, attracting hundreds of executives from around the world. RISI’s 6th Annual European Pulp and Paper Conference will be held immediately following PPI’s Market Pulp Conference. The conferences are held in March 29-31, 2004 in Nice, France.

Annual Corporate Risk Management Survey shows that companies should pay more attention to the management of commodity price risks

Survey of 223 European industrial companies shows that companies should give equal consideration to the management of commodity risks as the interest and currency risks. The study shows that only 29 % of Finnish companies hedge the risks inherit in the price movements of raw materials. The corresponding figure for financial risks being 75 %. Moreover, the notional amount of commodity derivatives reported in the annual report is only 15 % of the corresponding financial derivatives figure. See the story on the Finnish Wall Street Journal, Kauppalehti

Pohjola signs with Kiodynos for portfolio modeling software

Kiodynos provides Pohjola a tool for investment portfolio design. The product will be used by asset managers to select an optimal investment allocation from a range of fixed income and equity assets. This software, will be developed jointly with asset management professionals of Pohjola to provide a specialized tool for analysis of institutional and private client portfolios.

Nordea signs with Kiodynos for energy derivatives solution

Kiodynos provides Nordea a solution for energy derivatives valuation and risk management. The new product will be integrated into Nordea’s existing risk management environment. Solution incorporates new and innovative analytics to evaluate and model energy derivatives products.

Kiodynos co-sponsors AF&PA Paper Week 2003

Kiodynos co-sponsors American Forest & Paper Association’s 126th Annual Paper Week in New York together with Nordea and Jaakko Pöyry. For further information see the Paper Week website.